Thursday, January 06, 2005

And the slutty teachers keep coming...

It's only been a day since we posted a story about Melissa Deel blowing her 13-year old student and now we have Sarah Suzanne Bench-Salorio, a 28-year old teacher, getting frisky with some of her students.

Like we said earlier - 2005 - year of the teacherfucker....

So. Fucking. Wrong. (and yet, not at all surprising)

The Smoking Gun has the dirty (and we really mean dirty) details on how Michael Jackson likes to entertain the kiddies while at Neverland Ranch.

Thrill to the descriptions of Michael:
-giving the boys (one of which was a 13-year-old boy, who had been diagnosed in 2000 with a rare form of cancer and lost a kidney and a spleen) Jim Beam, tequila, and Pinot Noir in soda cans, calling it "Jesus Juice" (natch!)
-perusing Club and Barely Legal magazine and clearly made-for-kids-websites like ""! (and then lamenting loudly to his son Prince that he was "really missing out")
-making prank calls with the boys asking "does your pussy stink?"! (oh - the wit, the humor, the delight!)
-"jacking off" young boys under their size small Hanes and then keeping the soiled whities in his daughter's bedrooom!

We recommend having a recepticle close by in case you need to throw up a little while reading the report.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Page Six Has a Woody

Tee hee. Looks like the guy who writes those oh-so-witty headlines for the Post is having a little fun today. And you thought we wouldn't notice.

Let the Teacher / Student Sex Begin!

And........we're off!

It only took four days (and only 2 school days) into the new year for another young teacher to start putting out. Melissa Michelle Deel does her best Debra LaFave impression by giving one of her 13-year old charges a hummer after school.

I'm going to predict that 2005 will see the word "teacherfucker" replace "blog" as the word of the year. Yippee!

So This is the New Year...

What a shitty start to 2005. Tsunamis, retards shining lasers at airplane pilots, the middle east in general, and then, getting stabbed in the chest while banging wife (a la Basic Instinct).

Happy New Year kiddies! And remember, if your wife's idea of foreplay involves a knife, well, fuck - time for a new wife!