Tuesday, April 19, 2005

New Pope (Similar to, but not as tasty as Original Formula)

"Eat Papal Shit Bookies! What? I don't get a cut?"
Blah blah blah...something about a new Pope?

Joe Ratzinger (what, is he from the Bronx?) edging out late-leading favorite Francis Arinze of Nigeria, emerged from a puff of white smoke as Pope Benedictus XVI today, after the 115 members of the conclave toked from a giant Vatican hookah for the 2nd day straight (come on, Arinze - puff puff pass.)

Reuters reported that Irish bookmaker Paddy Power had Ratzinger at "3-1 two days ago. Now he's down to 6-1 and 11-2, so he's sliding all the time. People aren't putting money on him anymore" while "Arinze, 72, had leapt to first place on Paddy Power's site and to second place on both William Hill's and Intertops."

So if you stuck it out with Ratzy, nice job. Now he'll make sure you go to hell for gambling, along with gays, readers of the DaVinci code, stem-cell researchers and those of you who sport a jimmy-wrap or pop birth control pills.


At 12:17 PM, Blogger Angel, librarian and educator said...

Well, so much for hoping they would take a break. I think I read on another blog a comment that electing the Pope would be on the basis of who was most out of touch with the rest of the world. Who knew they would actually do it? At least the "original formula," for all his centralizing of power, had some kind of humanitarian sense. Having someone who headed the Inquisition, which is what the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith used to be, is not exactly a hopeful sign. And we won't go into his crackdowns as doctrinal chief of those espousing liberation theology or other reforms.

At 10:51 AM, Blogger Blah blah blah... said...

...or the fact that ol' Ratzy was a member of the hitler youth in his salad days....but "not an enthusiastic one", says his biographer, John Allen.

Yeah, we know that Nazi Germany in the 40s was not a forgiving time for conscientious objectors. Plus, it was hard to resist those crisply starched brown shirts that were just so smart-looking to 14-year old boys who just wanted to look like Der Fuhrer.


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