Thursday, April 14, 2005

Apparently, Being Ugly Sucks

We posted a story below that noted how uglies were less likely to get raises and get ahead in their professional careers. As if that weren't bad enough for you freaky-looking people, it turns out your parents didn't love you because you were, well, ugly.

"A researcher at the University of Alberta has shown that parents are more likely to give better care and pay closer attention to good-looking children compared to unattractive ones." Chalk it up to our natural Darwinian responses, Dr. Andrew Harrell explains.

So true - I mean, why take care of a kid that no one will want to bang in the future? And if some kindly, drunk soul with thick beer goggles does procreate with your hideous-looking it-child, are you sure you're prepared for years of faking painful, forced smiles at your horrendous looking grandspawn?