Friday, March 25, 2005

Next Time, Do Your Own Stunts

Gallo's Pecker Not Up to Task?
This onscreen blowjob just can't get enough publicity.

It's experienced a premiere (and subsequent panning) at Cannes, it's own billboard in Hollywood, and finally, it's very own scandal!

Jacob Christner, who claims he was Gallo's stunt cock, which Chloe blew in The Brown Bunny, says he's breaking his confidentiality clause and cumming forward because he hasn't been paid yet by Gallo for his "performance". Boo hoo. :-(

Didn't get paid for having your cock smoked in a movie!?!? Hollywood - she's a cruel motherfelcher. Christner says in a press release, in perhaps the most profound statement to ever come out of Tinseltown, "I'm very disappointed. I was assured by the producers that I was gonna ride Vincent Gallo's dick all the way to Hollywood but it looks like I've gotten the shaft."

And in a related post today, Chloe Sevigny complains to the Post about actors who talk about themselves too much, "I'd rather not know so much about actors. It makes it harder for me to enjoy the characters they play."

Riiiiight.... So you might want to follow your own advice. You're making it hard for me to enjoy your character in the film in which you regurgitate some trouser snake.

Bonus points: Happen to be familiar with Christner or Gallo's unit? Feel free to see if you can tell who's dick is in Chloe's mouth. (NSFW, unless your HR dept likes blowjobs as much as well, everyone else seems to....) Let us know what you find out.