Thursday, February 24, 2005

Some Fucked Up Cosmic Karma

The NY Post shares a tragicomic tale (in truth, it's more comedy than tragedy) of an 81-year old Buddhist monk who glued his eyes shut when he mistook Crazy Glue for Visine.

Apparently, his eyes started itching so he went to seek out some relief in the medicine cabinet. Well, some jackass had decided to store the Crazy Glue in the medicine cabinet, and our poor monk friend, Muang Angthong, who couldn't decipher the english label, just decided to squirt it in both eyes.

The upshot is that doctors were able to use an acetone solvent to pry one of his eyes open. Ouch. And also, the jackass who put the crazy glue in the medicine cabinet will be re-incarnated as a blackhead filled in-grown hair on the monk's taint in his next life.