Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Shitty Tips = My Sweaty Balls Dipped in Your Drinking Water

The NY Times has the scoop on the ongoing battle between ignorant restaurant patrons and pissed-off waitstaff.

While I do think that waitstaff need to be fairly competent and polite, I never fuck with the person who has the ability to season my food with scrapings from their asscrack. And neither should you - Stained Apron tells you why (and spares you from the nastiest details of how some food service people like to doctor your food - believe me, I know...)

And this is brilliant: Bitter Waitress shares it's STDs with you. That'd be their Shitty Tipper Database - you know who you are.

(Note: Looks like their server is getting slammed, but once the NY Times traffic dies down, it's worth a look.)


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