Tuesday, February 08, 2005

God Saves Fat Boy From Bullet (to Ironically Kill Him Later in Life with Heart Disease)

Thought you needed to lose some weight? Maybe you should think that over...

Being a chunker has it's upside every now and then. James "Bubba" Taylor, a 9-year old fatty, was target shooting a .38 caliber with his 44-year old neighbor (WTF?! - oh yeah, did I mention this was Florida?) when the neighbor accidentally popped a cap in the kid. The NYTimes reports that the bullet entered Bubba's right side, and traveled through his flesh without striking any organs. Bubba's Grammy Harper, who was apparently watching the whole thing, said the lil' porker didn't even originally realize he'd been shot until he looked down and saw blood.

"He's a little chunky," his grandmother, Alice Harper, told the Northwest Florida Daily News for its Tuesday editions. "Thank God."

Amen, Grammy Harper. Amen. Pass the pork rinds.