Friday, February 25, 2005

Fred Durst Shows Off His Limp Bizkit

The fallout from Hiltongate continues. Looks like the hacker who brought us the wonderful photos from Paris' Sidekick wants to punish us by putting Fred's grainy "Oh face" on display.

It appears that either Fred Durst's cameraphone was hacked or he intentionally leaked it to revive his shitty music "career" the way all washed-up "rockers" do - by releasing a pixelated video of skank-banging.

I guess everyone in the entire world is dying to see the Limp Bizkit in action, as Gawker's server is being slammed. If you'd rather just see some stills, here you go (while it lasts). And uh, duh, the links are NSFW.

Update: Yep - we know that it wasn't really his Sidekick or a T-Mobile hacking, but rather, someone who hacked his PC. It just makes for a better story though, because imagining Fred Durst banging away with a Sidekick up to his face is funny / scary in a pathetic way. We need to go stab a soldering iron into our prefrontal cortex now.

And yes, here's another place to see Fred do it all for the nookie. Be sure to turn your volume up, as you won't want to miss a few well-placed pussy farts. You may also want to take notes on how to sweet talk your girl the Fred Durst way, with nuggets like, "Yeah, you can touch my balls and my ass." Thanks Fred, you're such a giver!

Man is he smooooove.