Thursday, January 20, 2005

VWs - not good for carbombing with

It looks like we're video clip happy at the Semi-Regular today. We came across this tasteless VW ad spoof - just the kind of thing we love here!

Bore Me has the clip, which shows just how tough the VW Polo is (must be the European equivalent of the Golf). A Yasser-ish looking dude (the checkered scarf is a dead give-away) drives up to a crowded cafe to bomb the piss out of it, but alas, the tough little VW holds it's shit and shrapnel together.

VW typically hasn't looked to kindly on these spoofs, so we'll see how long it's up, but personally, I think it's a great product demo.

Update: And there you have it. VW has leveled criminal charges against the makers of the ad. They don't fuck around...