Monday, January 24, 2005

A little help, Daddy?

Good thing Daddy is there to explain to the world what Lil' Bushy really meant (or rather, what his speechwriters and puppet masters wanted him to say) during his inaugural address last week.

As the world wondered if Lil' Bushy's speech signaled a strengthening of the U.S.'s stand on aggressiveness and self-importance in regards to it's go-it-alone US Foreign policy to "spread freedom" across the globe, Daddy Bush quickly stepped in to "informally" clarify to reporters (in the White House briefing room, no less) what his son really meant last Thursday.

Easy there Daddy Bush. You're going to piss off Dick. I'm sure Dick will tell you that there's only space for ONE hand up this puppet's ass and that'd be Dick's. If that's not clear enough, let's revisit this picture one more time to make sure that everone knows that behind every wispy Bush is a pudgy Dick.