Thursday, January 27, 2005

Don't Expect to See These Bits at Carson's Memorial

Johnny Jolson?
While everyone collectively kisses the cold, dead ass of Johnny Carson this week, we at the Semi-Regular have, uh, exhumed two clips from the Tonite Show that you probably won't be seeing in any Carson retrospectives this week, courtesy of

The video is a might long, with commentary from some dude on a Manhattan public access channel (no, not Robyn Byrd or Al Goldstein). In case you're too busy or lazy to watch the whole thing, here are the synopses:

1st Clip: In what seems improvised, Johnny confronts Don Rickles on set for breaking his cigarette box and sees a black actor, to whom he randomly shouts, "Hey, a black man! Yo, black man! How's it goin' there, daddy?" and "jives" him into giving him some skin. On the side to Don, he then says "Hang him". Afterwards, he returns to the black actor and says "Hope you kept the cotton mill down south, come January you're gonna be out of a job..."

2nd Clip: A "half" black face skit, where the "soul side" of Johnny breaks into ebonics.

Word has it that Leno, in a tribute to the comic stylings of the late Johnny, will burn a cross on the Tonite Show. Hilarity ensues!'ve come a long way, baby.