Monday, November 08, 2004

Nation Getting Back To Normal

It was comforting to see that the news headlines are slowly moving away from coverage of our election to stories that really show America is on the right track.

Here's a photo of Tammy Imre (courtesy of the folks over at Amber Alert). The question is, would you do this woman? Maybe if you were an eight year old boy. Yep, 8. The Stamford Advocate up in CT has this heartwarming story of Tammy, a 29 year old woman who made a lover out of her 7 year old daughter's playpal.

Naughty time was discovered when the mother of the boy (well, technically, he's a man now, right?) found this note, which had Tammy saying she didn't "want anyone but you. Now tomorrow it's supposed to rain, you can come over we can (you know what)."

No, I don't know what. Enlighten us, Tammy!

Good news is, it's not just a recess-time fling for Tammy and her boy-man. She told investigators that she plans on marrying her 8-year old boyfriend someday. Happy endings for everyone. Yay!

Mary Kay LeTourneau ain't got shit on our girl Tammy!