Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Latest State Projections has Kerry as Definitive Winner (or not)

The big day is upon us. Yes, I'm talking about the official start of the NBA season. Oh yeah, and I think we're having the Electoral College and maybe the Republican-run House of Representatives and the Right-leaning Supreme Court select our next president again (and you thought it was YOUR vote that decided...you poor idealistic dumbass).

Wonkette had a little birdie crap this nugget out for them, which suggests an overwhelming victory for Kerry:


AZ 45-55
CO 48-51
LA 42-57
MI 51-48
WI 52-48
PA 60-40
OH 52-48
FL 51-48
MICH 51-47
NM 50-48
MINN 58-40
WISC 52-43
IOWA 49-49
NH 57-41

But how can you trust these numbers? I mean, hey - you forgot Poland....

Stay tuned kiddies..