Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Hunting Spree Shooter Apparently "Just Looking to Bag Some White Meat"

Ahhh...hunting. Nothing like a bunch of rednecks in camo drinking beers, tearing-ass on ATVs and brandishing high-powered rifles shooting at anything that moves. Throw into that mix a trigger-happy Laotian with 6 years in the National Guard, a sharpshooter qualification and an attitude and what do you get?

If you answered "lots of white meat for Thanksgiving", well, you're partly right!

Looks like Chai Vang, the "Hmong Lee Harvey Oswald" went over the seasonal limit by bagging 6 white hunters. Ooops. MSNBC reports that a Hmong leader in Wisconsin has advised Hmong hunters to "skip the rest of the gun deer season because of the tensions." Uhhh...yeah...good idea....(and perhaps the understatement of the week).

Maybe someone should persuade Vang to take up fishing instead. The whole "catch-and-release" thing keeps everyone a lot happier.


At 7:23 AM, Blogger m said...

Hahahaaha! Damnit, K, your commentary is the awesome! Love this site!


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