Thursday, November 04, 2004

Bitch-smacked by Brits

Honestly, we don't know!
The Daily Mirror takes some time off from gossiping about the Royals, "Bridget Jones", and some other people we don't know or give a fuck about (what, no Beckham news this week?) to ask a question that we've all been wondering here as well.

A series of recent front pages from the Mirror here so you can see what other news we've been lumped with.


At 12:19 PM, Blogger m said...

Ah yeah! America has permanently placed itself as the ass fuck of every joke now. hooray! People just don't seem to understand that, since this will be Bushy's last 4 years, he and his administration don't give a **** what policies pass this year that will affect all of us...cause after 4 they will be gone...oh and billionaires.

Now grab your ankles and pray they use cream.

At 12:38 PM, Blogger Blah blah blah... said...

With the Republicans controlling both Congress and the Senate, lil' Bushy will likely also get to swing the Supreme Court decisively to the right. The country is on it's way to a potentially long-lasting conservative shift not seen in decades.

The most dangerous idealogue is one inspired by religious zealotry (gee - i wonder if terrorists recruit suicide bombers by talking about the economy, or say, i dunno - moral crusades and God's will? hmmm...) and that's where half of this country is headed.

So here's your PSA of the day: All of you soon-to-be baby's mamas out there - get your abortions now while you can! Tell your friends! Or risk getting shot at while visiting your local Planned Parenthood! And you know, as Donny Rumsfeld or any poor US soldier in Iraq will tell you, those bulletproof vests aren't cheap!


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