Saturday, October 23, 2004

To Do This Saturday - Red Sox and that other team

As a Yankees fan (yes, ha ha, fuck you too), I find it difficult to give much of a rat's ass about this one. But seriously, I suppose this is a pretty big World Series for Red Sox fans, and hey, I can appreciate that. When you've had a history of sucking for so long, it really catches you by surprise when your history of sucking is miraculously replaced by a history-making playoff comeback (against the $180 million payroll Yankees, no less).

Well, apparently the only thing more important to Bostonians than Red Sox World Series tix is, well, dick. Craigslist Boston has it's hands full trying to manage the number of "fuck my wife for tix" or "suck my dick for tix" postings. And of course, the obligatory " I HAVE A XTRA TICKET THAT MY GF WAS GONNA USE. THIS IS FOR A ATHLETIC HOT BI/MARRIED/STRAIGHT DUDE ONLY. SEND PIC AND STATS. THE TRADE WILL BE WE ALL GET OFF TOGETHER BEFORE THE GAME.. I AM A X NCAA HOCKEY ATHLETE AND SHE IS A ASIAN HOTTIE 23 AND SHAVED PUSSY."

There's also an inordinate number (but then again, I'm not sure what would constitute a "normal" amount) of "hey dudes, let's all jerk off and watch the game together" posts. Who said gay men aren't into baseball? We are talking about two groups of men who are used to having balls flung at their chins. More after the jump.

Actual posts on Craigslist Boston (no, it's not links to porn)

Fuck my wife for tix

Jerk off and watch the game
More fun
And more fun
And yet even more... get the idea....