Monday, October 25, 2004

"Time to quit...": 13 Years of Luna

Longtime fave NYC band Luna calls it quits and releases final album. A review of said album, Rendezvous, can be found here, via Pitchfork. Run out and get it, kiddies.

Over the next few months they'll be conducting a farewell tour. An email from them stated they'd be adding some West Coast dates as well in early 2005.

Dean Wareham gives some reasons for the breakup:

1. Rock and Roll is killing my life.
2. The Universe is Expanding.
3. There are too many bands out there, travelling around, singing their songs etc.
4. Too much time spent in 15-passenger vans. According to 20/20, these things flip over.
5. Too many hands to shake, that means germs.
6. Too many dinners at Wendy's.
7. People are dying in Iraq.
8. This is what bands do (with a few exceptions, like R.E.M. and Metallica, and the Rolling Stones). Those bands, however, are multibillion dollar corporations. You don’t break that up unless the government forces you to.
9. Hotel Electravision.
10. Time to Quit.