Thursday, October 28, 2004

Red Sox Savoring World Series Victory Now Since Team Will Suck Next Year Due to Free Agency

Let the Looting Begin
They did it for the old white people in Nashua, NH and the rich white people in Nantucket. They did it for the young white kids in Burlington, VT and the white baby boomers of Groton, Mass. They did it for the starchy white people of Greenwich, CT and even more white people in Rhode Island. And maybe for the handful of black, asian and hispanic people in New England, too (you five people know who you are - get back to work). The Red Sox sweep the Cards and ruin a couple of fun Yankee Stadium taunts normally leveled at the formerly luckless BoSox. Fuck.

News coverage here, here, here, and well, pretty much fucking everywhere for the next few days....