Thursday, October 28, 2004

Oh Fuck, Are We Live?

British dipshit "journalist" Piers Morgan realised (clever UK spelling to tie in with story) this morning that "live broadcast" means people may actually see and hear you say something while you are speaking live on camera.

This Is London reports: "The pair were supposed to tell viewers what was coming up in the programme. Instead Morgan was seen declaring that al Qaida planned a terrorist attack to disrupt the US presidential election.

'I tell you what, I would brace yourselves for something in the next few days,' he warned.

(Co-host)Britton asked: 'Why?' and Morgan replied: 'I just think that al Qaida, with an election, I think they have been waiting for the election.'"

When producers told the Former Daily Mirror editor that he was live, he pulled this remarkable Bush Administration-worthy spin out of his ass: "I want to put everyone's minds at rest...we didn't realise we were live. Don't panic, nothing is about to happen...It's nothing new, there have been loads of rumours and speculation but I'm sure nothing will happen...Trust me, nobody tells me anything any more."

The full story here