Friday, October 29, 2004

NO ONE Is Having Sexual Relations With That Woman...

This is what it's come to: Monica Lewinsky not getting laid is making news.

Looks like our favorite human humidor is having a hard time getting anyone to admit to nailing her. I guess it's a tough act to follow when the last thing someone stuck in your 'gina was a chomped-on stogie, placed there by our last president, no less.

A NYPost gossip columnist had alleged last week that Perry Van Der Meer (who?) was seen getting "touchy feely" (ewwww) with Monica at a Wilco concert.

Instead of just saying, "Banging Monica? Not for me", Van Der Meer has his lawyer write a nice little letter to the Post's legal department denying the rumored relationship and asking them to make sure no one thought his dick was anywhere near that woman.

The Smoking Gun has the letter here