Sunday, October 24, 2004

File Under: WTF - British Sailor openly practices Satanism, about to get ass royally kicked while serving on British navy boat

Our friends across the pond have upped the ante on religious freedom. Apparently, it is now totally kosher to practice your God Satan-given right to worship the devil and follow the "Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth" aboard a Royal Navy Ship.

"I am utterly shocked by this," Conservative parliamentarian Anne Widdecombe told Reuters.

"Satanism is wrong. Obviously the private beliefs of individuals anywhere including the armed forces are their own affair but I hope it doesn't spread," she said (while vigorously promoting the right of Christians in powerful governments everywhere to spread those exact private beliefs and embark on moral and religious crusades to kill those who hold differing private beliefs than those held by said governments).

But has she actually read the Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth? Am I crazy or are these Satan worshippers actually making some fucking sense? I dunno, but if you ask me, they sound like damn fine rules (minus the one about the magic - um, WTF? And what's this about not harming small children? Are you sure that you worship the devil if the joy of harming helpless little children is verboten?)

Fuck, I might even become a Satanist if this is what it's all about (except I won't wear those ridiculous black hooded robes and those goat masks are just plain retarded). After reading the Nine Satanic Statements, Satan actually sounds like a pretty good guy.

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