Sunday, October 24, 2004

Democrats on Florida Strategy: Send in Cher and Rosie O'Donnell

What do you do when you're trying to galvanize a critical swing state in one of the most highly contested elections in well, 4 years? You send in your secret weapons, CHER and ROSIE O'DONNELL. DUH!

After weak turnouts at both events, O'Donnell told the crowd: "You know, there's only like, you know, maybe 38 of us here and maybe we can just like tap a keg and put on some disco, and totally party."

Rosie then bulldozed her way into a tangential rant about Star Jones (and why not?), implying her recent weight loss was due to some vacuum fat suckage, but then stopped herself saying, "And I'm gonna leave it there because I see that camera rolling. And all the Kerry thing will go away and it'll be 'Rosie O'Donnell Attacks Star Jones!' And in the Enquirer it'll be 'Crazy Lesbian Goes Insane At A Kerry Rally.'"

Umm...I doubt you'll be seeing that headline. I mean, honestly, do you think the Cheneys would let Mary do such a thing?

Via DrudgeReport

Rosie's Rant
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