Friday, October 29, 2004

Bush Campaign Remembers Death of 9/11 Victim With Surprise Confetti Explosions!

And in breaking news: New Hampshire Republicans shit their pants while attending a Bush Rally today...

DrudgeReport has the developing story:

"BUSH EVENT IN NEW HAMPSHIRE: Event workers had been told to fire off confetti pods when Bush said, 'God Bless'... his normal closing line. But 5 minutes before the end of his speech, Bush offered a "God Bless" to Arlene Howard, mother of George Howard a Port Authority of New York/New Jersey Police Officer killed in the World Trade Center... BLAM!!!!! Everyone first ducked -- hard -- then looked up to see confetti falling. Bush looked momentarily stunned, then plain unhappy, then just went on with his speech as the confetti rained to the floor of the Verizon Wireless Arena... "

The man responsible for the confetti snafu has yet to be identified, probably because they'd like to notify his next of kin that Karl Rove has killed him.