Monday, October 25, 2004

Breaking Science News: Alcohol fucks up bees AND humans. Wow.

"Alcohol affects bees and humans in similar ways -- it impairs functioning along with learning and memory processing," study co-author Julie Mustard, a postdoctoral researcher in entomology, said in a prepared statement.

A groundbreaking study by Ohio State University researchers confirms, based on getting a bunch of bees wasted, that alcohol consumption may lead to intoxication and impair our ability to function properly. No fucking shit.

Their follow-up study will focus on confirming the controversial "beer-goggle theory", which was hypothesized when they noticed the drunk worker bees were so wasted that 156 of them shamefully recalled nailing the colony's "fugly" Queen Bee, who's only sexual history prior to this was giving a few teenage bees a "wing-job" under the beehive bleachers.

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